Cynthia Hayes

Cynthia Hayes Enterprises offers the services of a management consultant or keynote speaker who specializes in facilitating relaxed, authentic, and productive conversations about diversity, race, communication, gender issues, and conflict.

Cynthia uses her personal testimony as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and military veteran to draw you into a realm of learning that is unmatched by any other.

Why Choose Me? 

CONSULTING SERVICES - You will develop closer relationships with others in your organization because my workshops will teach basic skills to help employees relate more effectively with each other regardless of their differences.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT - I will explain sexual harassment and the kinds of behavior that may be interpreted as sexual harassment in the workplace.  I will show you how a workplace environment can become "sexually hostile," how to avoid sexual harassment of co-workers, how to deal with sexual harassment if it arises, and what to do if you become involved in a sexual harassment investigation.

LEADERSHIP - I can help you to increase the quality and quantity of leaders in your organization.  Leadership is a skill that can be learned and can be improved upon with practice like any other skill.  Learn how to get your team fired up and willing to follow your plan.  I use lessons that improve leadership, communication, innovation, and coaching skills by initiating 10 core competencies no leader should ignore.

WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT - Leadership demands self improvement and self-renewal to continue.  I have a unique method from a female perspective that can help you refresh your mind and spirit on your leadership journey.  Use my experiences and lessons to focus your energies and your spirit on leading yourself and others.  Let me help you realize confidence in yourself and your abilities.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION - As people become tuned into the benefits of conflict resolution, they gain a stronger sense of its value.  I can help you better understand how the appropriate use of conflict resolution can enhance the abilites of individuals, families, neighbors, business colleagues, and others to resolve their interpersonal and intergroup conflicts, expeditiously, inexpensively, and in most cases, amicably.

DIVERSITY - Our concept of diversity includes all humanity as it is - rich and poor, physically able and physically challenged, male and female, large or petite, and all who are in between, strong and weak, as well as young and experienced without prejudice against sexual orientation, religious affiliation or cultural preference.  This also embraces men and women from different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, generations, backgrounds, skills, abilities and all other unique differences that make each of us who we are.  Diversity education with Cynthia Hayes Enterprises means you will become more engaged in racial justice issues because the workshops encourage you to question your own assumptions about the issues that affect us all today.

-Discussion can be tailored for any group size or type. 



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